How to Play


Wrongify is a game for 2+ players.

For each round, one person reads the questions aloud to the player.

The player answering must give a wrong, but related answer to score a point.

If the answer is accepted, click:


If the answer is not accepted, click:

Not wrong

Not wrong answers include:

  • repeated answers
  • totally irrelevant answers
  • or the correct answer!

Top Tip:  Debate over answers should be left until after the player's time has ended. In the meantime, click Wrong and then change score as appropriate.

Play Now!


Question: "Name a country beginning with F"

Not wrong answers would include

  • flowers = not related
  • four = not related
  • France = not wrong!

Wrong answers would be any other country not beginning with F (eg. Spain, Italy, etc)

Please note: Wrongify management will not be held responsible for fall outs or feuds caused by answers.